Our Partners

Halesowen Bid

A BID is an initiative run solely by local businesses. They join together and vote to make a collective contribution which can be used to deliver improvements to their area, click here to find more information about Halesowen Bid


CEMM is the parent company of Black Country Multicultural Day. The team assist up and coming musical talent and well as sharing their expertise in events production up and down the UK. You can find out more about them here 

Black Country Festival

Almost 10 years on Black Country Festival is the umbrella for hundreds of events and along with Black Country Day has been credited with putting the region back on the map. You can read more about their events here

Promarco Promotions & Exhibitions

Promarco are the supplier of our stage every year at Black Country Multicultural Day.  You can find out more about them here 

New Path Of Life

New Path of Life is a supported housing charity based in Dudley, West Midlands offering practical support to those who need.Many of the volunteers for our event are supplied by New Path Of Life. You can read more about the great work that they do here

Black Country Radio

Black Country radio are one of our media partners and have done live broadcasts from our events.  Check them out here 

Black Country Foodbank -
Official Charity Partner

Foodbanks should not be needed in a country as advanced as ours however sadly they are.  The Black Country Foodbank do an amazing job to ensure that no one goes hungry. 

We ask that everyone who performs at or attends the event, or if you are shopping for the family or friends, to spare a thought for those struggling to put food on the table for their own family.

Frankie said "As it's getting colder and harder, we think about those who are in a worse situation than ourselves. With all that is happening in the world, it gives us food for thought as that could have been us."

Click on their logo to find out more about the great work that the Black Country Foodbank do and how you can support.

The Cornbow Shopping Centre

The Cornbow shipping centre will host some of our dance performances and also our dance workshops on the day.  Find out more about them here

Black Country Living Museum

The Black Country Living Museum have partnered the event for a few years. Bringing a taste of the museum to the event.  You can find out more about the museum here

Bhangra Smash Up

As well as being one of our performers who always entertain the crowd, Bhangra Smash Up are also one of our partners. They assist with putting the program together for the event, recommending Artists, dancers and so much more. You can find out more about them here

Kalsi Video

Kalsi Video provided our official photos and videos for the Black Country Multicultural Day 2023. You can find out more about them here 

Dudley Borough Interfaith Network - Community Partner

The Inter Faith Network for the UK works to promote understanding, cooperation and good relations between organisations and persons of different faiths in the UK.

Blue Cheese Digital - Marketing Partner

Blue Cheese Digital are our Marketing partner for the Black Country Multicultural Day; supporting in helping maintain the website, design materials & promotion of the event.

Wild Earth Movement

Wild Earth Movement is an environmental not for profit organisation with a strong focus on reducing waste and plastic pollution. They are going to be providing eco crafts during the 2024 event. With an inspiration from Polish, Irish, English, African, Punjabi & Indian cultures. All activities during the day will be plastic free and promoting sustainability.

Event Maestros

Event Maestros is an all-round events management company based in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. We specialise in delivering immersive, inspirational and exceptional events for corporate and private clients alike.

We have decades of experience in our team, sustaining our reputation for delivering the highest-quality event services for outdoor and community events; from fundraising to full production management.

Fizzog Productions

Fizzog Productions are part of the Dancing Grannies who will be performing at Black Country Multicultural Day 2024.  They will be learning Bhangra Dancing with the Jodi Dancers and then performing with Bhangra Smashup

Bescot Promotions - Market Stall Partner

Bescot Promotions are our market stall partner for the Black Country Multicultural Day 2024 If you're interested in having a stall, please reach out to them directly at info@bescotpromotions.co.uk

Life Central Church - Facilities Partner 

Life Central Church are our facilities partner for the Black Country Multicultural Day 2024. They will be allowing our artists and performers to rest & change during the day.