Desi Truck Art

At the 2024 Black Country Multicultural Day we’re proud to announce that we’re going to be having ‘Truck Art’. Truck art is a form of art seen in the South Asian culture of Pakistan presenting vibrant and exuberant over-the-top designs that are colourful and shout out its boisterous designs to the intricate carvings on the body of the trucks.

As part of the Truck Art, we will be working with DESIblitz. This will include an exhibition within the bus on Fomax boards. Which will showcase a documentary on the 1947 Partition of India and the creation of Pakistan; this will include a number of people from the Black Country and Birmingham who lived through the partition.

As part of the exhibition there will be QR codes which can be scanned with your phone. These will link to 3D animated short films bringing the whole exhibition to life.

You can find a mini version of the documentary here: