Jacqui George

Jacqui George

Jacqui George is a Birmingham UK born female singer/songwriter. She began her music career in 1995

Jacqui’s style of music is very versatile and she sings most genres of music namely R&B, Soulful House, Hip-Hop Soul, Reggae and Pop.

Jacqui fell into the music industry by accident in 1993 shortly after signing her 1st record deal with MCA Music in 1994, and her 1st publishing deal with Morris and Budd Publishers. She then went on to sign single deals with Warner Music, EMI, RCA Music, BMG, and Jerv Records to name a few.

Her most inspirational artists are Jill Scott, Chaka Khan, India Arie. Erykah Badu, Aretha Franklin, Carol Thompson and Janet Kay.

Live music is where you will find Jacqui at her best. She does a lot of live shows around the country and has toured Germany with some of the UB40 Band. She has also done a UK Tour with Latitude Records, a Manchester based label playing at places like Royal Albert Hall, London Hippodrome and the Soho Jazz festival.

Jacqui has also been involved with a stage show musical called ‘Oh What a Night’ with Kid kreole, Bernie Nolan and John Altman in Blackpool Winterton Gardens Theatre singing backup vocals.

Jacqui had her first reggae album released called 'Rollin' on the 9th October 2015 by Tamo Music Productions and was mentioned in The Jamaican Observer.

Right now Jacqui has a lot of music on spotify, itunes, deezer and over 200 download sites and she is google verified. Her 1st number 1 track on one of the biggest download charts on the internet ‘You Made me do It’ with Sonny Federa and Danny Kane in 2012. Earlier in the same year she had a number 2 track ‘We Fall Down’ with Deep City Soul. there have been more since.